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Goodbye, Cruel World

What are the costs of Daylight Saving Time?

The proponents of DST list a few benefits but I seldom see dollar values. As an opponent, I am interested in estimates of the various costs associated with DST. For instance, I estimate the economic value of US residents changing personal clocks, etc. twice a year to be $2,000,000,000 assuming 100,000,000 persons spending 15 minutes each spring and fall at an average wage of $20/hr but with double time since the changes are made when it is most inconvenient.

There was a guy interviewed on NPR a few days ago who has written a book about DST. He is also an opponent. He said that people in favor of DST claim that there are potential cost savings--but no one has ever seen the cost savings. What is real (he claims) is the positive economic impact in the retail industry and the book apparently gives details of that.

He may also give the details you are looking for. Here's the book on Amazon:​1066/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/102-8576402-8255341?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1​173546076&sr=8-2

And there's quite an interesting story on the NPR web-site too:

Hope that helps!

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Thanks for the info. I have seen similar stories to the NPR one. It seems that arguements made on 30 year old energy usage are not appropriate today. Just in consumer electric use, many items are more efficient but more have significant stand-by consumption. DST would have a lot smaller impact on products such as TVs than in the 70's.


What you are saying adds up to this: Setting our clocks so we will have more sunlight during the productive hours of the day costs us money. Benjamin Franklin didn't know what he was talking about. You have discovered the facts to prove that DST is costly, and others agree. OOO K.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

You are correct to point out that it is a matter of "setting our clocks" rather than making more productive use of daylight.

It was fine for old Ben who could think provincially even though he traveled to France. It is much different for today's world where someone in Perth must do live business with someone in Chicago.

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