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Without holding back, how do you really feel about free market capitalism.


I doubt most of us know very much about the free market and capitalism to know enough to expound on it intellgently.

I do know that it's the ystem that's made the US and other free nations places of envy around the world.

It seems like a lot of folks want to get here to enjoy the benefits of what the free market captalistic society has to offer.

I know I wouldn't want to have to leave the land I love for any other place, and I have been to a lot of countries.


Depends on how much it costs!


Free markets are the best way to allocate scarce resources to their highest valued use. It's very efficient (although not 100%).


You asked for it, you got it, Toyota........................Free market is fine and great when there is more than one country involved in it. We are the only country that has a true free market. When all the other countries in the world have a TRUE free market then it is good for all. But there is no such thing as free market in the world, if there was, OUR American products entering other countries have entree duties and tariffs making it, NOT a free market. When other countries play by free trade rules, then it is good. But that does not exist, so thus capitalism is an evil thing.

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