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Without holding back, what do you really feel about the European Union?


It's a counter-weight to United States hegemony... which may not be a bad thing as long as there isn't a commensurate military buildup.

I think it's in the best economic interest of Europe in the short-term, but not necessarily in the long-term. In the short-term, it provides collective economic protection from companies outside of Europe. For example, the EU can raise tariffs and enact laws to freeze competition from their market. You see this in products ranging from steel to lightbulbs.

In the long-term, even larger government involvement in their economies will introduce even larger inefficiencies. If the EU believes they can compete forever with mandatory 8-hour workdays and mandatory 4-6 weeks of vacation, they are delusional.

All-in-all, the EU was formed to compete with the US globally, and competition is a good thing.


High ideals lost in stifeling bureaucracy, stupid rules, and mountains of paper and regulations. IFRS is just the iceberg's tip.


they should scrap it along with the euro


The lack of unity is palpable.

It took to long to come to fruition.
It took too long to expand.
Too many nations failed to qualify.
Lowering the bar didn't help much.
... I could go on and on.

It will eventually collapse under its own weight.


I was not a big fan of history at school. When I was 28 I studied in a class with 50 nationalities and it shocked me how little I knew about their countries, the reasons for the middle east conflict, origins of europe... so I got to reading - and the best reading in order to learn about events are biographies of people who lived at different times and in different places.

I got to reading a lot about the second world war. US views. UK views. French views. Even some German views on what it was like to live through that period.

My granduncle was a spitfire pilot who was shot down over Germany. My grandfather lost most of his friends during his 20s as they died in the war.

What do I think of the EU? I think it is a massive bureaucracy that could do with being cut down. I think it is a fountain of nepotism and corruption on a mini-scale. I think it is full of politicians who complain but take no responsibility to fix. However, in the years since its inception, there has not been a major war on the European continent. We do manage to resolve our differences talking and not shooting.

Perhaps bureaucracy and bloat are the costs of keeping us talking. I am happy to pay to never see a war on this continent again.


The Union, ukkkkk! Economicaly speaking of course.


It'll be a loooooong time before they're the United States Of Europe.


Answers, I would assume from the U.S.A. and therefore biased because America is the best country in the world.


It is made up of several nations who have their own interests. It may work, if each nation doesn't have an ego.

It would be hard to compare to how the USA economy evolves because it is one nation with 50 states working for a common interest.


It will be the first Western countries to prove sharia law! Then the United States.

No skinny:

It has to come ,look up for the Lord is coming very soon
It's one of the signs of His soon return

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