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What is "Future Management"?


Pertaining to what??? Any examples?


By the way, how does Aisudo work?


"Aisudo" is a board based card game I have invented and developed. It can be played by two, three or more opponents or teams (max three in a team and by as many as seven teams).

It has game pieces (cards) that acquire different values and points according to the game strategy used.

It is the board/card game of the 21st century. It is heighly appealing to analytic and numerical oriented people. It involves high degrees of strategy development like the monopoly game.

I also have coined the name "AiSuDo", marrying the concepts AiKiDo and SuDoKu.

AiKiDo means "the way of harmonious spirit, the way of harmony with spirit, universal energy" (AI-harmony, KI-spirit/mind or energy, DO-the Way).

SuDoKu means "(un)knowns occur once", comes from the contraction of "sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru" - suu (ji wa)doku (shin ni kagiru) - which means "(the) digits (must) occur (only) once" [the (un)knowns, the symbols, the cyphers, the codes, the numerals, must be prime, unmarried, unmatched, unchallenged (that is, occur singly).]

Hence AiSūDo means:
"the way of harmonious inspiration"
"the way of harmony with (what is) inspired"
"the way of harmony with (un)known"
"the way of harmony with n'own",

Here n'own is in fact what is (un)known but by virtue of this (un)known, its nature it becomes known.

For example no one knows what infinite is or what void is but we all know what infinite is and what void is.


Pertaining to what?

Pertaining to your future, to my future, to our future, to humanity's future, to world's future, to life's future, to universe's future, to your company's future, to your industry's future, to our nation's future, to our country's future, to our lifestyle's future, to our flag's future, to our livelihood's future, to our children's future, to our team's future, to our color's future, to ... you name it Mstangjl324...


Oh no. It's the smart guy again!! I put my answer in German just to test you

ist eine international tätige Expertengruppe für ZukunftsManagement in Unternehmen, Organisationen und Regierungen. Wir verbinden methodisch fundierte Zukunftsforschung mit den Anforderungen der Führungspraxis. Wir ermöglichen Führungsteams, mehr von der Zukunft zu sehen als deren Wettbewerber und auf diese Weise zukünftige Marktchancen frühzeitig zu erkennen und zu nutzen


LoL.....By the time he'll get you, you'll be reported.Its an english only site:)

Better luck next time:)


johbee, in QnA we only speaks English and it would be nice if you could respect this basic community rule.

anyway what I asked was a serious question and I hope to get some decent answers from QnA participants..


Cemil asks some of the most thought provoking questions on this site, i like to have fun but its nice to be challenged, and yes he is a smart guy but he certainly never lords it over anyone, you carry on my friend Mr Tarhan, im sure this comment was like water off the proverbial ducks back anyway and i know you dont need me defending you but i couldnt help myself. good morning CT :)


plus johbee, you simply went and searched for the term in the net and came up with this german site that claims to provide Future Management services.

What I asked you was to use your brains, your intellect, your capacity, your guts and your feelings and tell me what the term suggests. So what d'ya say pal?

What does the term Future Management suggest to you? What does it sound like? Is it about managing future and if so what could that mean/be? How can it be done? Can we manage future? Can we set pathways for future to follow? Can we guide future to go one way but not the other way? Are preset paths possible for managing future?


I cant believe this idiot got best answer!!


wishfull thinking!


Man did not come out of caves by wishful thinking. Rather man put its brains to work and turned wishes into realities using thinking plus taking stake in pro-action.


Don't you think that without 'wishfull thinking' and individuals who are willing to risk take that the evolution of mankind would be slowed down?


I certainly think that "wishful thinking", "positive thinking", "constructive thinking", "creativ thinking", "utilitarian thinking", or any other kind of goodwill thought process be of extreme importance in getting things done and making things come true. But could "future management" be named/labeled as wishful thinking alone? By wishful thinking can we manage our future...? It would certainly help of course but would it be sufficient?


Alle Formen der Forschung versuchend, zukünftige Fälle vorauszusagen, entweder einfache menschliche Fälle oder kompliziertes Geschäft, fallen aus.


Again I do not speak German and from your entry I understand that you do want to tell me something but not in the way i shall understand it. Is it because you want to communicate me something that I might not understand? Translation services over the web suggest that what you wrote may be something like this (machine translation): "Every form of research trying to forecast ... either simple human ... or complicated ... fail."

Dear jwcochrane
I am not talking about forecasting something. The question I asked has no forecast element in it. What it simply asks is the following:

If you want to manage something what would you rather want that be?
1. Your home
2. Your wealth
3. Your health
4. Your relations
5. Your fortunes
6. Your reputation
7. Your risks
8. Your rights
9. Your future
10. Your integrity
11. Your character
12. Your zqwyx
13. Your ...

Now going back to the question again, I suppose we all know the meanings of
1. home management
2. wealth management
3. health management
4. relationship management
5. fortune management
6. reputation management
7. risk management
8. rights management
9. future management
10. integrity management
11. character management
12. zqwyx management
13. ... management
or do we really?

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