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The US, Canada, and Mexico will be entering in a EU type Union within 5 years. Is it a good idea?

This will be sold to the American public as a solution to the collapse of the US dollar, and the new currency will be the "Amero", common currency for all 3 nations. Good Idea?

I say go for it, Mexico has lots of resources, lots of oil more than any EU country sells it lots cheaper. USA will prob be the bank making USA richer and canada... well um... lots of fish / lumber.

this may be the answer to illegal immigration investing in Mexico. Lots of investment in Mexico (creates more jobs), while getting a cheap product.


I'm ambivalent on this issue. Both the pros & cons are significant matters.


Just a way to hide illegal immigration. This is an attempt to create an open border policy.


I can see that as possible too. But I am ambivalent on this. Thinking LONG term, I can see advantages of an American Union to the US. Obviously Mexico would be a big winner, but advantages to US too. Canada ?

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