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Can anyone give 5 negative affects ( or cons) against gambling from a economic or gov't viewpoint?


It contributes to crime; causes a need for additional city & state public safety services e.g. fire,police, ems; traffic congestion & need for road and signal improvements; more social services needed for those caught by the gaming bug; most of the jobs promised in the sales pitch will actually be minimun wage.


Ron C... thanks a bunch. Just the kind of info I need. It's getting late and i gotta get to sleep but will finish helping him in the morning. take care :) BB


Welcome, good luck!


As a view point from someone who has someone close to them with a gambling problem I can give you these!
1.Always out of money
2.Always borowwing money
3.Never paying back money
4.Careing only about money
5.Total loss of reality in the real world


so sorry that you have to deal with this doreen. I am not asking to offend anyone. I have to help my son with a speech which is about the negative effects that gambling has on the economy/society and how it negatively impacts government?
Any ideas about those issues?


1) You may keep gambling until your car is taken.
2) Your children may have to be taken away from you.
3) Your most valuable jewelry maybe hocked and you can't get it back because of losing.
4) Your home maybe taken from you, because you failed to pay the bills.
5) You have lost your money, your family, your home, and your sense of worth.
6) Get help!

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