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What will destroy us first? Natural events, or greed?


Greed, especially among the politicians of this world are more likely to destroy our world. Otherwise , our world would have been a better place to live in .

Globally Interested:

Natural events.

Greed is a seed of progress. Consider, for example, the 'robber barons'. They were all greedy; but, they contributed much to the growth of the country's industry and infrastructure. Greedy people are often innovative and productive.

Not me, though. I'm just greedy.


I believe the greedy people are more innovative and productive at digging humans into a deeper hole of hate and unrest, all because of there self-centered thinking. Not taking society in as a whole.

Globally Interested:

But you are groupng all greedy people into one small category. Greed does not exclude caring. Many people have amassed fortunes and then given much of it away. Warren Buffett is a good example. Bill Gates, another. Just because some people share one trait does not mean that they share others.
It is hard to imagine where we would be today without the progress promoted by greedy people. You have to look at both sides.
On the other hand, bast**ds are bast**ds; greedy or not.


Dunrunnin, your answers are so articulate and calm. A good basis for an intelligent debate (with a sense of humor to boot).

Globally Interested:

Thank you, Freckles. It is a sign of a bored and boring person.

What the?:

i believe it will be ignorance of the whole world and universe and what is out there and what can happen when certain events and attitudes are left unchecked but hey that's me. (i'm a bit of a cynic)


So greed is what you meant to say...




umm....over population or armageddon

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