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Do you prefer to eat on paper plates or is it china for you?


Paper plates - Easy clean up. :-)


Me too:) I use regular forks, spoons, etc and cups though.


definitly... I hate those plastic forks. :-)


Weekdays - Regular porcelain and stainless steel cutlery

Barbeques and picnics - Paper plates

And for my romantic dinner for two evenings" - China, Swarovski wine glasses and silver cutlery


you must have a dishwasher:)


And no children either..yet.


Before I had kids, we also ate on porcelain, and even after we had our first child. I think it was after the 2nd kid we started buying paper plates.


That's understandable. I'll trade in my china for paper plates in about two years time.


I prefer china, but it breaks too easily. I compromise with Corelle, which is inexpensive, light-weight, an durable.
There are a lot of beautiful designs on stoneware plates, but I do not like the heavy weight. AND it chips and breaks too easily.


I don't think I have ever used corelle, sounds nice though:)


paper washing dishes :)


where i work we make paper plates. bowls and cups dixie i dont think we have used regular stuff in over 3 years


I haven't used regular since I started having children.


paper plates for me too but i find them really hard to clean if you leave them too long.


You don't really clean your paper plates do you:) Was that suppose to be a joke?


LoL. Hi Snowy Owl.


Good one, lol!


LOL... I have a problem hanging the toilet paper sheets.


I prefer the real dishes unless it's my day to clean up the kitchen. At that point everything is disposable.


You sound like my oldest


I am just fine with paper plates...


I use paper products and Pfaltzgraff stoneware. Paper is great for sandwiches and light meals (and with kids). I've had my regular dishes for thirteen years and they are still going strong -- a good weight, durable and the design still gets compliments. I prefer to eat off of the regular dishes personally, but I do not prefer to spend my time washing dishes after everyone in my house. I don't have a fancy set of china and prefer to let my culinary "art" (lol!) speak over the fancy place setting.


Nice answer. Love your avatar too:)


Thanks, Nurse :) It's one of my favorite books.


i lyk boat


china - paper plates are good for cook outs.

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