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In order to give some moderately insane people (controlled with drugs) they have given them their right to live free. Many of them either don't take their drugs, and cannot cope with daily living, such as a job and a home. This began happening quite a while ago.. their civil rights were being violated by being kept in a mental health facility.
So now many of them are on the streets.
There are other reasons too.. that is just one of them.


For many homeless people it's all about choices. This country has many places for the homeless to get off the streets and yet they have to be "encouraged" to come inside even on the coldest of nights. Many people made the wrong decision and ended up freezing to death. Choices.


Freedom means the choice to not have a home or not have a job if you want. Some people simply prefer the freedom of not having a mortgage, or regular job. It's not for everyone, obviously, but there is a certain attraction.


we have homeless ppl because bush doesnt help us!



Joshua Cromer:

It's actually not that simple...I live next to a major shelter in a major city and hundreds of people, mostly men line the streets at nine pm every night just to get a bed...the women get to come early and those with kids get to stay until they find housing...the problem here is there is not enough consistency in the system to accommodate are left out of a lot of the programs that are provided in my area, because they're expected to work...unfortunately, because mental and physical illness are huge attributing factors in being homeless, these people are just not getting the specific and consistent help that they need to stay off the streets. No one in they're right mind would starve and live in filth; they need help and special services, but part of being mentally ill is just not knowing what you need, or how to get it...there are programs everywhere but it's a revolving door in most cases...


....and no true safety net for them either.


The government doesn't take enough money from rich people to give houses and really good jobs to poor people. This is why america will be great when Hilary is president

2 Cents:

oh groan

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