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Major forest fires: To those who answered my question on cloud seeding (DON, Marv, DEE DEE,

Iowalandman, and esp. Skinorthsouth)..thank you very much..but what about the second component of my question: Could we not have a gigantic fleet of tanker planes standing by at all times...say like at the National Fire Control Center in Boise, Idaho......Is it sheer economics? If so, would not the intial cost be far outweighed by the eventual savings in costs and tragedy? Does it have anything to do with that I heard only two manufacturers make these aircraft, both in Canada? Would this idea not work? I truly think it would and could.....

$$ talks, thus it's not gonna happen. Tough logistics, but I get you already know that. Timing is everything, and availability of proper planes is short.
The Gov't stance on most 'forest fires' is that they are natural and good and,in time, enhance the land that is burned.
Different values apply when life and property come into danger tho.

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