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shall the USA continue to sell off our warm water ports, to foreign countries?


As horrible as it many ports did we buy in other countries?...buying and selling ports is part of everyday trade, man, always has been.


Thank you for your candor However, are you aware our ports is what our forefathers fought for? our warm water ports are but one of our strongest assets to our country..with such gross neglect of future thinking of our youth, how would you suggest we to protect our ports?


Never sell off a port without surronding it entirely with high security government proterpty, and never let anything through without going through an American customs agency...which would cost an arm and a leg, so, limit the amount of ports sold to a minimum to appease the foreign nations where we own ports.

Or we could stop selling ports to foreign nations, and see how long we keep our ports in foreign nations...they'd be gone for a week before rich people found out how important they were, they'd be gone for a few years before the rest of us found out how vital they were and by then there'd be little we could do about it.


A lack of comprimise in foreign trade caused the great depression, which killed more people than any war we've ever fought.


I humbly submit to you, it is OUR Foreign Policy that has bend and twisted so much so, that the original 'meaning' of the text has no validation. Currently, our currency (in which is on a steady decline) in other nations you have consistently referred to, as for our National security..I submitt, what security do you refer to? Americans, as a whole have become complacent so much that generally, MOST are unaware of the vast lost we face in our NATION on every level of survival


We need to keep other countries from thinking they can attack us and's not about making the tallest fences, it's about scaring people from throwing stuff over.


If you notice, the United States is a mercantile country. Everything revolves around business, and therefore money. It was this dedication to business above all else that allowed America to develop into the power that it has become, not the isolationist policies pursued in many declining countries. As far as trade goes, there can be no national boundaries, and if someone wants to sell off a port or to to fill their wallets, then they should do it. Commerce comes first.


see according to me the world has to sell and buy things so one cauntry with one resource can sell and other country can buy that resourece as the buying and selling goes the world economy runs

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