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Does China pose a threat to the future of US technological innovation?


I don't know but they certainly pose a threat to our health!!! I say we stop buying products from China. I try to avoid it as much as possible as too much is imported but I can do without if need be.


I work with several people from China and their view is that the smart ones left to live in the US, Brittan, Australia, Canada. they also joke that is why Americans think all Chinese people are smart.

I think China will affect the global market. Essentially China is just a step above a 3rd world country. They way the US is setup, the government spends major dollars towards research and development - private companies put their share into the pot. As long as there is money to make on new technologies, I don't think the threat is that bad.


its all part of a once secret agenda for a new world order, one world government. one currency.


Yes, definitely a threat to future of US technological innovation. US (Government and private sectors) spent a lot of money and effort in developing new and advanced tech. China stole them. Some got caught.

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