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The Oracle

My fellow QnAer's in the are you faring?...Esp. Georgia...the water problem is getting

soooooo bad down there..I see on the news that 30,000 jobs will fall because of the water shortgae..that even a steady rainfall for three solid days wouldn't solve it.....How are you faring? What can you personally do?....What can your fellow QnAer's do for you? Write Congress? Send you bottled water? (I'm not kidding)...What's going on?....This is pretty bad...

what a story, something no one forsaw. i thought some rain passed through?
this is an eye opener, how fragile our system will never be the same there will it?
texas is fixin' to run out, as the aquifer empties...
lake mead, (hoover dam) is at historic lows, thats southern california and arizona, never mind the ruin of baja...
lets hope for a wet winter, but, no matter what, its gonna take several wet years to replace all the water thats gone. and a lot more conservation...
sending water is only a stop-gap measure, people are just going to have to realize that the days of plentiful anything are gone...

The Oracle:

Hi right, as usual, you are. There's nothing plentiful anymore and nothing to throw away anymore either....there IS NO "away".....

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