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What energy saving hint do you want to do but keep putting off? Inspire the rest of us to save...


This week I am ordering a 50cc scooter. It gets 86 miles to the gallon goes 30 mph and I don't have to have insurance for it!!! -or a helment or even a DL. Since I work in the same town I live in it will work out great.


I already done the bulbs a year ago.


I was just talking about getting a scooter with my husband. We are 10 miles from the nearest grocery store but one mile from the convenience store for simple stuff like bread and milk. I wouldn't care if it took me 10 extra minutes to make the round trip if I could make 30 trips for the cost of one with the car.


I got the 49cc 4 speed, I feel like a kid again it is fast and FUN!!!


I just removed all the light bulbs from my house, however I have found that by doing so, not only am I saving energy but I am also suffereing some quite horrendous injuries.

Who ever knew that broken ribs could hurt so bad simply by falling down 2 flights of stairs because it was dark and I lost my footing?


Please report here and enlighten us about this issue so we know how to avoid horrendous injuries!!!​DA3E


Don't let water run while brushing teeth!!! Turn off all lights when not really used!!! Unplugged nonused stuff!!!


Unplug all those cell phone chargers etc. when not in use.

Globally Interested:

Whenever I check the pressure in my tires I always find one or two to be low. I have intended to check them on a weekly basis, but I don't.


Well I HAVE begun--just not finished: changing out all my light bulbs for the new energy savings kind [and then having to get use to the less light:(


We only have a couple of fixtures with the old bulbs in them. I am upset they are doing away with regular bulbs in a few years because I have dimmers on many lights that I want to be able to adjust.


Dimmers - Using regular CF bulbs on dimmer switches will cause the bulb to fail within days or weeks. But there are dimmable CF bulbs now on the market that can be used with any conventional dimmer switch. Dimmable CF bulbs still have some performance issues including humming, color shift, stutter dimming and only partial dimming.​its


Tbanks...I will look into that.... = )

?Santa's Helper?:

Use the newer style lights that have little tubes instead of bulbs. CFCs I think.


We have 3 ft florescent tubes in most of the rooms that have huge lighting needs and the coiled bulbs in the lamps. I just cannot use my dimmers with them to adjust the light.

?Santa's Helper?:

That's weird. CFCs should work with a dimmer.


, not gonna save with lights about to splurge thru our house.. =)


I hope there are no explosions!!!


new windows... but they are soooo expensive.. but we have insulated... caulked..... turned down the thermostat, wear sweaters, cover up with pretty blankets, I crochet alot!! new light bulbs....


I crochet too...nothing like an afghan that is large enough to snuggle under while you work on it.

We purchased new windows due to our construction and they are very expensive. We went to a custom shop that retrofits windows and sometimes they miss the measurement and a window is the wrong size for the it goes into their storage room...we went and bought windows before we framed the house that would work for the rooms that we were building and made the openings to fit the windows we purchased.

We got a great deal on them and have some great windows.


You crochet light bulbs Mom? :)

Quiet Plea...:

I want to write to all the people who send me junk mail and tell them they could save a forest if they would stop sending me things daily and weekly.. namely their duplicate letters and ads.

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