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Why do you think we should study economics?

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:'s your money


Economics is the study of the interchange of goods and services in the entire world. It is at the root of one of the most important relationships, not only among people, but is critical among countries.


Economics should be a required field of study for all people aspiring to be politicians. It is scary that so many elected officials, who regularly vote on measures impacting the economy, have little or no knowledge of economics.


Boy, you got that one right !

Globally Interested:

Yeah, like Ron Paul!


We should study Economics to understanding how to improve your saving....... In order to get rich as soon as possible ;)

Globally Interested:

I'm no expert at it, but I do study economics. My major source of income is the stock market.


What's your cup o' tea? Stocks? Bonds? Options? Day? Swing? Position?

Globally Interested:

Swing trade with options and income with high dividend stocks.


well because....


We shouldn't. Most of it is bogus.


I'd like to hear some more thoughts on what you think is bogus. I'm not outright disagreeing with you, but I'd like to hear your reasons for the answer.


Why study anything? If you have an interest in it, then do it! Also, economists make some pretty darn good money. I'm guessing, but I would say that the chief economist at Goldman Sachs earns well over 7 figures. Also, the whole market system is based on economic principles. To study them, is to give yourself an edge over the "dumb money" out there.

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