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Does the value of the American Dollar contribute to how much more we have pay for things?

The value of the dollar is decreasing and things are getting expensive.... with the nation jacking up minimum wage and small businesses taking it in the you know what to have to pay more for keeping their help or closing down cause they can't afford to pay their employees. How does the value of the dollar dercrease and what can we do to help make it more valuable? It sounds like were going into a recession....

The minimum wage is NOT the reason for rising costs of anything, even labor. People miss basic economic truths when they blame an increase in that for any economic problems. The average cost of a car has increased more than 20 fold in the last 40 years, while minimum wage has gone up only 6 fold. Is there a disconnect here ?


In the wake of recent trends and the way things have gone in price... up and the all mighty american dollar going down.... and as demand happens like Americans addicted to foreign oil... and the solutions we are trying to come up with, resolving our addiction to foreign oil... so we won't have to pay the high price for oil and then gas... You touched on one thing and i'm not blaming the rise in minimum wage for anything that's going on for the rest of the country. I'm talking about the value of the american dollar.... it's not as strong as it used to be and what can be done to resolve it? Minimum wage increase will help the economy... workers will spend more money but that let's other things go up on price also....

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