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How many of you out there actually benefitted?

After all the money spent on the 'space programs and probes', how many people on QnA can say that their lives were benefitted in any appreciable way? The last I checked, the US has spent over 1 trillion dollars since 1957 in their space explorations. Does anyone think that this God-awful amount of money has actually brought any measurable reward to the lives of the vast majority of the people on this planet or has it just increased our knowledge about the universe and its' workings. Is a person that has no chance of even a basic education going to see any benefit from this expenditure, or is their life going along like it has for the past 3,000 years? How do we justify starving children, homeless and helpless people all over the planet, malaria still killing over a million people a year, and other social ills that this planet suffers when we fritter away our money on riding in space?

I drank Tang and used Velcro on numerous occasions.

There are several benefits, however, I do agree that NASA budgets have gotten out of control. Their support of the Global Warming hoax is also deplorable, seeing as they would be among the many benefactors of "junk science" funding.

Cut NASA budgets NOW!

Core 2 Duo:

I agree with Scott D, in his views but here is a link that also has a few links to more stuff, alot of things have been discovered by the program, I just don't know exactly how many were a direct result of being in space.


I take it your answer is 'tongue in cheek', Scott. It is absolutely true that NASA is getting far too much to play in space when our monies could solve many problems that affect this planet. Just think, if we actually did something with all that money to actually give the poor and underdeveloped nations to something to raise their health and living standards with, the end result might just be a positive change in the attitudes of the rest of the people in the world about the 'selfish and hedonistic' Americans. Wouldn't that be novel?

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