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How many of you really know what your Congress is doing with your money?

You can go to the website link below and read the very pages of various Bills that is on Congress's table. How much each one will cost your family in Tax revenues, and what impact they will have upon your lives in the future. Not many people know about many of these Bills, but for those whom they are directly related to until it is to late. Now you to can tell me which of these bills will directly effect you that you did not know about before?

That was a great site!!! Thanks!

I saved it into my favorites, to get me angry later..... I'm in a good mood right now.


Yes it is a site to spend time in but the question is how much do you really know about what the US Congress is doing? And if you do know please tell me what you know?


I really don't know.... I know just surface things like their approval rating is low.... It's full of corruption, and cronieisim....(was that a word>..)
I really need to look deeper into this before I taste my addidas on this subject.


I would also recommend taking a look at the GAO reports (General Accountability Office). This is one government agency that takes it's job seriously.


I agree, but how interested are you in keeping up on these topics and issues when it comes to the being active to make sure your Congressman knows how and what you think about these issues of Deficit spending?


My congressman knows that I know- like nearly all of them, he just does not care. As an accountant, I know something about these things.


I can understand how an Accountant would have to be kept in the loop on certain Bills. Good to know at least we can count on, at least in part, that someone is. Thank You

Still Changing:

the money is moving from hand fist before congress can receive the duckets.I can't see how A former head C.I.A.son had so many breach info and then florida.


I guess it is not just who you know but whether or not you fall under Administrative Privileges or not. I think there is limits though to Administrative Impunity I am sure, but I have not ever seen any in my life time.


I hate to report you for advertising, but that's basically just an extended advertisement for your site.

Besides, any site that purports to 'give us' information that's already in the public domain is silly.


This is not MY SITE I gave a link to, and I am not advertizing anything. Not many people are aware they can go and read about the Bills and how their money is being spent. This was a question to find out who really is interested in knowing and how badly they really do want to know.
There are a number of people who would like to know about sites like this so they can find out. We are coming up on an election year, and they should be concerned about who is doing what with their lives, not to mention how much it is going to cost them and their families.
So please bring it up and report me. I would like to know if I can ask these questions in here or not to see if QNA is going to be politically Bias. Oh and by the way the amount of information provided in this site is more detailed than what you get at the .gov site. That is why I chose to use it instead.


congress doesn't even know what they are doing with "our" money - other than spend it faster than the space shuttle, hoping they can run out of office with some in their pocket before the money runs out


I agree, good answer, thank you. But can you tell me which of these current Bills will have an impact on you or your families future, and how? Please be specific as much as possible...

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