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Goodbye, Cruel World

What would you do if the fiduciary for your retirement plan said that they were investing the funds

in bonds that could be defaulted first, before any other bonds issued by the borrower when it needs to write off its own debt?Do you know that is the kind of bonds that Congress has been "selling" to the Social Security trust fund?

do you have any control where your funds are placed? such as money market, mutual funds etc? if not, id remove these funds and fully fund a universal life insurance policy which allows you a selection of places to park your money. aetna has one of the best track records. i do know about social security, the whole deal for 'borrowing' was written in when they raised the tax, and raised the retirement when ronnie was prez. biggest ripoff in modern times.... makes me sick. ps junk bonds are used as a method of embezzlement, i would report the retirement funds manager to the comptroller, atty gen. and your states corp. commission. you know this stinks or you wouldnt have asked the question.


id say your company is being set up as a takeover target for someone who plans to use it for a tax writeoff

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Yes it stinks but I was only thinking about Social Security. The "special" US bonds they buy were actually created to avoid defaulting on the regular ones that they used to use.

It bought a lie for the politicians and they are not about to undo this lie.


yeah, i caught that at the time. the govt. had come to the end of their ability to raid the ss fund, hence the change. they are now free to default on their debt to all the peoples 'contributions' into the system. like i said, biggest ripoff. the next step, the only step really, is to devalue the dollar. as if thats not already happening...


SS is an unpredictable fund and I don't place alot of trust in it!

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