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Will Europe make EIT (European Institute of Technology), an answer to MIT?

In 2005, the EIT was originally proposed as a real, brick-and-mortar university that has research, classes and grants degrees. But then the EU countries began squabbling over which country would get it. Then in 2006 it was changed to a 2.5 billion euro virtual network of researchers all over the continent. Then it became a small number of real university campuses. Now, finally, since member countries are reluctant to cough up the money, the proposal is for a 300 million euro set of research centers on just a few areas of science, that do not even offer classes or degrees. Is this project doomed (I mean, it's become so different from the original proposal, what's the point now--the EU already funds science...)? Does it show that the EU is not such a "U"? Do you know something about it I don't know?
?Santa's Helper?:

The U of the EU is doomed because the EU is composed of people. That never stops any of us from trying, though. Healthy competition is a good thing. An unchallengeable first in anything always deteriorates over time. It's a function of social entropy.


Interesting, thanks.

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