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Are the American middle class just poor people who don't have the sense to know it?

Or no, they have the cents to know it!

The American middle class must first understand that they are under siege by their government.

This is due primarily to the fact that government schools prepare our future citizens in becoming mind-numbed dual income wage slaves that are willing to consign the next generation to even worse conditions and higher taxation.

We need to break our cycle of dependency on government programs for ALL classes. "Free" government programs are far too costly to the whole of our society. We need to educate the voter about wasteful government spending programs and corrupt entitlement programs. We need to expose ALL of the vote-buying politicos who got us into our current fiscal mess, and slaughter them at the poles next election day.


... future TAXPAYING citizens ...


you got my QnA Vote


I'll vote for you also Scott!


The problem with our political system is not the fault of the politicians as much as it is WE THE PEOPLE!

You're right about the fact we, as citizens, need to be educated, but we aslo need to stop being so dependent and greedy. We need to start making wise choices and not depending on gov't to legislate common sense. Do what's right to begin with and you won't have to be told what to do!

Also it is the citizens of this country who vote in the politicians. I agree that it is up to us to learn who is corrupt and vote them out, but it is also up to those who are aware enough and intelligent enough to step up and run for office if they think they can do a better job and if they can't they need to sit down and quit publicly complaining and criticizing those that are willing to do the job!

We all need to just do our job and get educated on the issues and candidates and vote to the best of our ability. And if you put a candidate in there you have no right to complain! If you didn't vote at all you have no right to complain! And if you can do better go do it!

We can't just eliminate all government help and tell the hungry children and mentally ill to go somewhere and die because you're not willing to pay taxes. Its a very difficult job of ballancing everything and appeasing everyone.

And its not easy to be dilligent about watching the candidates that represent you and holding their feet to the fire, but it must be done. WE ALL HAVE TO DO OUR JOBS FOR IT TO WORK!

But its not the fault of the politician we're letting them get away with screwing us over!


I agree, however, that able bodied people need to go to work and stop depending on the gov't to take care of them. They need a hand up not a hand out. They need to be taught how to do better and become self sufficient so they can feel better about themselves and be better examples for their children.


Yes, when I was growing up we were poor, maybe at times venturing into lower-middle class. I always assumed that we were upper-middle class. So, before I was old enough to move away and see the rest of the country, I didn't have enough sense to see that we were poor. I imagine that this happens all of the time.


The number of people living in slums worldwide is estimated to be more than a billion. “If no serious action is taken,” said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2003, “the number of slum dwellers worldwide is projected to rise over the next 30 years to about 2 billion.” Compare that with the median US income of $43,000 +/- per household and it seems that the American middle class is quite well-off and don't have the sense to know it.


great observation Joe


There is a difference between average income and median income. The average middle class person can spend an average income salary. The median income middle class person can not spend a mathematically produced number that does not exist in real life. Median income is sited by people who know the figures are inflated by the very rich and is not a reflection of reality.


Greek to me. I just think of those less well off instead of those better off than me. I feel better.


I understand what you're saying Gary, but Joe is still right. We're richer than everyone else in the world and don't have the perspective to appreciate it.


If we have more money, but everything costs so much more, are we that much better off? I simply suggesting there is more than income to consider.

Doctor Woot:

America is redefining itself all the time. And there are many factors that contribute to this conclusion. Family as an idea is changing, where once we had mom at home and dad at work. We now have both parents at work. Our children use to go to school and worry about not getting good grades. Now the children go to school and worry about not getting shot. Divorce was not heard of, and now it is common place.
We are bombarded with adds about drugs that can make our life better, and all that the medications seem to do is cover up symptoms.
I can remember when Sunday, was not just football day. But a day when the family went to church, there where no chores to be done. We had the best food all day and the family did things together. We now "do our own thing" and the family is fragmented still yet again. This was I think the idea of middle class America, but somewhere it was lost. Our identity, who we where and who we are is not clear.
The rich seem to have one set of rules and morals. While the "middle class" seem to have no clear idea of who or what they are. We seem to have forgotten He that has no Name, no time to pray, no time to give thanks. And we all wonder who we are?


Good point. But it is a personal choice and this way of life is not forced on us. We can be who we choose to be and teach our families by our own exammple how they are supposed to be.


Those with sense have more cents but can be senseless when it comes to giving cents to the those with more sense who appear to be centless, thats what i sense ;)

Howdy Gary.


you CAN change gillan <snicker>


Hello, gillan69. Good to see you. I knew it was a catch-22 of some sorts.




Since when have you made any sense? ;)


If that is putting your two cents in, I expect some change.


Every class has the problem of wanting to beat the Jones'. So their money gets lost in the mindless battle to have the next best thing, and all that really gets accomplished is more debt. With that debt they continue to whine about how unfair everything in life is, how high taxes are, and how much they have to pay for the 'dribble' on society. Perhaps a total re-evaluation of true necessities and the true treasures of life would enlighten them. Now, having said all that, one can no sooner make sense of it all when they live by counting their cents.

*dribble is meant to be a reference only, not IG's stance on any social class*


Depends on what your meaning of poor is. I think the middle class are poor people who actually go to work and don't rely on uncle sam to take care of them. Therefore no longer poor. Yes there are some middle class that get down on their luck and become poor for a spell. But with a good work ethic they will climb out of it. No one in America is keeping the poor, poor.

There are mexicans crossing this border like mad because they know this. They are taking the jobs the katrina victims won't take. Here is your fema trailer and a check every month. Why move and find work?


I have been poor and I am now what you would call middle class and there is a vast difference when I wake up each day and go to my refrigerator to find it full of good things to eat as opposed to when I was poor and wondered if I would eat at all that day.

I'll take middle class as I know it today-thank you.


The American middle class are not poor just ask someone from Africa if you don't believe this! Americans have become greedy and selfish and continually want more for less. It is the American people who have put themselves in the position they are in.

They are not willing to do without ANYTHNG so they charge what they want and put our economy and their own financial well being in jeopardy.

I live below the poverty level yet I own my own home and I am debt free. Its just a matter of having a modicum of self control and not feeling entitled to everything everyone else in America has. Just because EVERYONE has one don't mean they could afford it either!

We have more food thrown away in this country that others have ever had to eat! We're wasteful and selfish and until we get over that and start appreciating what we have we'll always be the little whiny crybabies that never do see how wealthy and blessed we are! Poor poor Americans! We're the richest country in the world and don't even have the sense to appreciate it!

I think all Americans should spend about a month in Africa where they really are poor and get a little perspective!


Once again my words were too harsh and I'm sorry, I do get perterbed when Americans whine and think their lot is hard, I know some of us have had it hard, but not like many in other countries.

I am not anti-American. I love America and Americans.


Hello, Linda. Perhaps you are reading more into a question, than it's intent. I, often, ask controverial questions to hear the responses people give. My interest is people's opinions, whether I personally agree with them or not. I am particularly interested in how people's opinions compare accurately to the world they live in.
Oddly, the "whining" that the middle class are just poor people who don't have the sense to know it, comes from the rich. It is all a matter of perspective.


I like this question and I like the opportunity to voice my opinion. I just think America is the greatest country in the world and too many who live here don't appreciat it properly and expect at a different level because of the blessings they already have instead of appreciating them.

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