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Is there a good way to easily evaluate stocks by daily volume traded?

I often evaluate stocks by comparing average daily volume as a percentage of market cap. I am familiar with bar charts that contain volume information. I was wondering if there was a more automated approach that would save me from calculating and comparing.
Globally Interested:

Volume is the gasoline that drives the engine. If the stock is going down on considerably larger than normal volume, that is a pretty good sign that the market does not like the stock. If it is going up on larger than normal volume, the opposite is indicated. It does not mean that it is a good stock or a bad stock; it merely indicates how the market feels about it at the time.
For trading, I use mostly stochastic and chart patterns. I use volume to confirm the indications that I get from the other two.
The technical indicators, volume included, are useful for trading. For long term investing it is better to rely on the company fundamentals, such as earnings, revenue, margins, etc.
In either case, keep up with the current news relating to the company. For example, some months ago it was announced early in the morning that the BP pipeline in Alaska was shut down because of leaks. I avoided a large drop in price by selling at 7:30 when pre-market trading opened.


Might any of these tools help?


Powershares is a tool for evaluating exchange traded funds. I am interested in comparing stocks by their trading activity. The figures are available to do it mathematically, but I was looking for something more automated that could alert me to trends in trading activity. Rapid change in the daily volume traded of a stock is a good indicator of behind the scenes activity that someimes goes unnoticed. The best I can come with is a bar chart showing price/volume and can be plotted daily.

Doctor Woot:

You sound like a "day trader" if so then you know there is more to this then a "system". Try to look at sectors with your other data. If for instance x stock is out performing and highly traded, and the rest of the sector is flat. What are the factors in x company doing so well. Is it being artificially "held up" or is it (insider) trading, in other words "buyer beware"


I am just someone who looks for behind the scenes ways of evaluating stock performance. I certainly evaluate who owns the stock, to the extent that the information is made public. Institutions and insider information is readily available.
I have been holding a position in beas since December last year. The trading volume on Friday was 218 million shares. The company only has 392 million shares. That's approximately 56% of the market cap traded in a day.
I would definitely keep track of changes in volume of a stock I owned, particularly if it was highly owned by institutional investors. I was looking for a tool that might draw my attention to a stock for possible evaluation.

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