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When a country is running out of money why dont they just print more?

When a country is running out of money, why doesnt the head of a country just go to the mint and ask them to print some more notes and store them in a national safe of something?

Money 101: oversimplified. In the USA, when the Fed wants there to be more "money" in the economy they print some and reduce the interest rates they charge the lending institutions to borrow it from them. The lending institutions then reduce the rates the charge the consumer to borrow,so there's more borrowing and thus more "money in the economy. The whole process works in reverse when they want less "money" in the economy in order to control inflation which is the deterioration of what can be bought with a given amount of money.


By printing more money you decrease the value of the currency which creates inflation.


or even hyperinflation as in the case of germany in 1923. oh they keep on printing money and then the mark was going down very quickly


They do, sometimes- that is a major cause of inflation, and the erosion in the faith of the country, and it's currency.


The matter of money creation is poorly understood. There is a common misconception that banks or governments create money. Governments only borrow money into existence from the banks. Banks can and do manage and redistribute money and wealth. Only people and natural resources represent potential wealth. Only people can, by their labor, produce useful wealth, which can be traded, either 1) directly by barter, 2) thru the use of currency, or 3) thru the creation of money. Remember, all people who buy or sell, i.e. are producers or consumers, are traders.
Money is created when a trader makes a commitment, by buying goods or services from other traders, to place goods or services in the marketplace of equal value in the future.
In making purchases, traders borrow against their future production if they do not currently have a trading surplus. Money is created as evidence of that debt. Putting goods and services back on the market repays the debt, and extinguishes the money. In other words, money is borrowed into existence, and is extinguished as the loan is repaid. The effective lender, or guarantor of a loan is all the traders who trade with the borrower‑‑in short‑‑the community; the market.
This is how money is created, and extinguished. The stability of a money issue, then, is only tangentially related to any assets that might guarantee it. .........;-)


not that simple


How many QnA points did you get for that wisdom?


5, same as everyone else who answers ;)


HA HA ha Greene 153 for some reason I got tears on that comment good one I'm not trying to be mean or anything but that was funny. Come on metalguy you gotta laugh at that one.


They would love to do that ... But just imagine.. There will be no value for money if they do that ...


Currency in the nations treasury says nothing about wealth.The leader goes to Mint,orders more money printed,..this ruins and devalues the currency.Hyperinflations and economic collapse results.Russia,did this,1890's.Russia does this,now.


economic depression has been a big issue for many countries in the past including USA


Are you saying that we are running out of US dollars?Are you saying that spring 2009 new President Clinton would say to print more dollars?Are you planning that,following Bush-Rice attacking China-Russia-Iran-North Korea 2008 summer,would require printing more dollars?


Greene, the president of the U.S. cannot order more money printed. The president must get the money from congress. If congres wants more money, they go to the FED. The Fed then prints and sells bonds to raise the money.

The money supply in the U.S. is controlled by the FED.


oh no he did not say new president Clinton....oy vay........


ginger,..the correct answers!!Good on you.Too many here misunderstand the workings of their government.Knowingly mistaken misunderstanding.


who is president clinton?? I have never heard of him. How long ago was he the president


That's exactly what happens in a lot of countries. The end result has been things such as 400% to 1000% inflation and total collapse.


That's pretty much what we've been doing. For a while now when you consider the change of the money you hold from bills to notes. Meaning your dollar cant be redeemed for gold or silver anymore.


On the investment and commodity markets,you could purchase precious metals.Or,coins collecting.Why is it valuable to have gold or silver,today?Everything is retailed,everything is transactions using debits and credits cards,or cash.Gold,if you purchase at investment or commodity market,you never get it sent to you.You have an account.


it causes a ripple effect. there is nothing to back the money. So it may cause super-inflation or wartime conditions. Where the money isn't worth the paper it's pritned on or for coins the metal it's pressed with.

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