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Who, in your opinion, gets paid more than they deserve?


Brittny Spears and Donald Trump. That Donald dude gets paid a whole lot of money for saying "Your Fired."

Born Fool:

Obviously sports players. I mean Jeese. It's just a game.


I think so too; but soooo many people love to watch them;)


I do and I can't understand why they pay me all that money either since I just goof off all day long!


You are a goofy monkey;) Hey enjoy it if you get paid for goofing off, I sure would!!!


I would love to work with you all day Toomuch, I would laugh the whole day long!


TV Evangelists..


I am not familiar with how much they get paid; or is it not really known?


Professional sports players,(Especially baseball players) rappers, pop stars, actors/actresses. The list goes on forever.


I agree with you on all of them;)

Globally Interested:

I do. I sit at my computer and push keys to buy and sell stocks and options. I produce no products and I provide no services.


All those hot nurses..nooooo..just kiddin. But probably every Sports player and CEO, but, who am I to judge.

Born Fool:

a hot nurse is worth every penny.


Ok, Born Fool....every penny...we better be worth more than just pennies;)
And I agree with you bullshipper; CEO's and sports players are over paid in my opinion:)

Born Fool:

My bad. Should have said every last penny.


You are bad!!!!!!!;}

Born Fool:

Its on the list of guy fantasies. I love a girl in scrubs


Nurses are definitely under paid. I talked to nurses at the hospital yesterday that can not afford to pay their own health insurance premiums. There is something really wrong there. I think that most sport stars are grossly overpaid. When a guy gets offered a contract that pays him $25 million a year and he turns it down claiming that it is an insult. There is something wrong there also.

Born Fool:

Here in NJ a nurse with a two year degree can expect to start in the 45 to 50K range. Pretty good for an associates degree.


I agree Maddad; geesh....what do they do with $25mill???
Born Fool, that is the salary range here also; but the health insurance premiums are outrageous. I pay over $500 a month just for medical, not including dental; and I am a non-smoker and usually healthy....except for the crazy problems I have had this year. But, I agree that is a nice salary.


Anyone paid more than I!


Don't worry Chi Chi; I do not make more than you.....and if I did, I would keep it secret;)


Thanks. :)


Politicians i believe they should be paid what the average citizen of their district gets paid. I would bet more people would be working and pay would be much better.

Actors, actresses and spots people also.

take care ~Lisa~


I agree with you too Lisa; everyone has the right idea I least according to my opinion;)


excellent idea.


judges...and lawyers


Well that is a different answer;) Some of them I would agree do get overpaid!


Britney Spears for one. But that's just off the top of my head, and it would be a really long list!


So you are not a Britney fan?;) I agree with you......Britney and other pop singers, rappers, etc... are way overpaid!!!!


Well, she has paying fans and she does actually earn her money, but I was basing that on the reports I overheard on the news today that she spends over 700K a month and doesn't save a dime. Just for general stupidity I'll say she earns too much.


Movie stars, sports figures/atheletes!!!!! Whew!!...!!...!!LOL

God's Best! xo


I agree and so does the majority; thanks Cyber;)


LOL! xo


Brand Managers / Doctors / Lawyers in that order.
Sports / Musicians / Film stars should not be included here as it just relates to marketing and is highly performance oriented.
As for nurses it is one of the most de meaning of all jobs, those in the profession can only feel the hurt.


Obviously sports/music stars but i think T.V presenters all they do is read off cue cards and then demand millions of pounds. Then you have the topdogs of TV giving into their demands???

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