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What political issues are most important to you? Why?


It's of utmost importance to me to vote for a political candidate who understands that the right to choose should also not be taken away from unborn human beings. A person has no right to decide to murder an unborn human being; that person has rights too. If God doesn't want a person to come into the world, whatever the circumstances of their conception, He'll choose to end a pregnancy Himself. And only God, fully knowing why each of us is here, has that right; anything else is people trying to play God. And, frankly, I believe God's getting excessively tired of that. I also would not vote for a candidate who would make it known that he supports two same sex people trying to marry for the same reasons. God determined marriage to be between man and woman. There can never, no matter what bill passes about it, be a holy marital union between two same sex people. It's simply not possible. Holiness is scriptural; not universal.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

War on Terror....unless that is brought under control...anything else really doesn't matter. If we are not secure our way of life changes. I'm thinking this can apply to any and all countries. Terrorism knows no boundaries.


I agree that the war should be a focus right now. However, I disagree that we should disregard other issues as "unimportant" just because we are scared of terrorism.

While we focus all our energy on one issue...we can fall dangerously behind in another.

Thanks moot!


Terrorism is so vague that it will never be defeated. We are fighting a war, not constitutionally grounded, against an enemy that will never be defeated. See a problem here?


The sad thing is, our entire way of doing things - the very lifestyle we have - is what causes all of our problems. We are raised on collective ideals, but taught to be our own individuals. Our politicians are corrupt. Our government is corrupt. Our Constitution no longer matters. We are becoming a theocracy, and most people are blindly following. (if not blindly, willingly, as most American adults are morons - a fact we all see everyday)

The war on terror is nothing but a sideshow. It keeps our military busy. It keeps fear rampant. While people blindly watch television, blindly (and more than likely unknowingly) fall to constant war propaganda ("terrorist" is a popular word nowadays) - our country is the least free, the least accepting, as it has ever been. People no longer look at our country as the "land of opportunity" as they did before this whole mess started.

We are becoming purely a service economy. We no longer manufacture goods nearly as much as we used to.. rather, we have it shipped from another country, to sell it to the American people with an exorbitant markup (how do you think Walmart is so cheap? - they pay people in China $0.30/hr for who knows how long each day... all so the American fatass can get his or her kids something cheap to wear - and the worst part is, this new slogan "Save money. Live better." of theirs actively plays on this!)

People SERIOUSLY need to get out of the mentality that "ME" and "I" are the only things that matter. We're so much of an individualistic society that it is harmful. We don't focus on the whole effort, rather, we focus on what is best for US - when we need to get together, as a whole, and actively try to end the problems we have.

I know this will never happen, as people are raised from practically birth to think of themselves first.. and others later. "I" is the most used word by an


First off...thank you very much for really taking the time to type all this out for my question...I appreciate it!

Yes...tremendously good points! I must say that I completely agree that it is indeed (lately) all about the individual. I often wonder how this got started and the social implications.

People seem absolutely antagonistic towards the idea of any sort of "socialization" or grouping of our resources for the good of the country as a whole. Why? I ask you why?! (frustration)

Thanks again...great answer!


The anti-communistic mindset still plagues us. While I know that strict communism, in reality, cannot work, it is still a great idea. The difficult part is trying to find a balance between individualism and collectivism. The American society is a radically individualistic society. So much so, as I said, that it is harmful - because we cannot see the entire picture. We cannot see what needs to be done.

We would be on the extreme left (left, individual; right, collective). It is a plague from after WW2, I'm afraid. We're still practically living like it is 1955. We assume resources are infinite, we assume our lifestyle will not change. We all drive cars, usually one person to a car (even in a huge SUV). It is almost sickening, in my opinion. This goes to exemplify our highly-individualistic society.

Why? I have no idea, really. As I said, I find our entire way of living completely opposite of what we should be doing.

I work at a pizza place (dough slapper, much fun), and almost always, when I answer a phone to take an order, I hear: "I need a large (insert pizza here)." It is highly irritating. They do not NEED it. They want it. In my opinion, it is this simply exchange of wording - or confusing of wording - that plagues our society.

(also, off-topic, but if any of you reading this ask for the specials nightly, or weekly - DON'T! We do not change them often, not even monthly. It wastes time reading them off to you. It wastes time when you sit on the phone thinking of what you want or ask other people what they want... is it so difficult as to think of what is wanted before calling? It seems so, as it happens all the time!)

It is a sad state of affairs when we make our own lives frustrating by doing nothing at all.


Because they affect me, my family, children's affects everything in my life in the long run. I want a say in the matter!


Yes absolutely...but what issues do you feel are the most important?


Healthcare would be a priority!


Good one!!!


immigration -> united states population is dwindling, the influx of immigrants is keeping the population slowly increasing, also if they legalize immigrants and force companies to pay them minimum wages which would make it more other americans to get jobs because then those employers would be forced to give the state minimum wages at least, there is sweat shops here in america right under our noises, legalizing the immigrants would severely hurt those sweat shops, either way i'm a citizen of the usa and another country if things get too bad here i'll just go back to my country


Thank you for your answer.

?Santa's Helper?:

The political issue that matters the most to me is abortion. It matters to me because it is causing so many people to become murderers, and in my experience, murderers tend to find it extremely hard to believe in forgiveness. People who believe themselves to be unforgivable don't accept God's forgiveness. Thus, in America, abortion is one of the leading causes of faithlessness.


I have to disagree. I've been around many who have had abortions....and many of them are very fact a good amount of the young ladies were raised Christian.

Thank you for your answer.


Changed, we kill animals every day for no reason at all. People will kill a kitten - after playing with it - with a single smash of the skull. They will set fire to a puppy, for no utter reason other than because they can, and film it.

We're murderers regardless if abortion is "legal" or "illegal". We cause innumerable species to go extinct every year. Species that have every right to be here as much as we do... if not more.

You'd think people would realize that population control is a GOOD THING - but no! Your minds are so tainted by a religious faith that you call it wrong, immoral, when it is that very mindset that is wrong! It is that very mindset that causes selfishness - the very thing that is WRONG with our society today! WE'RE TOO SELFISH!


The most important issue is the war in Iraq, because people are losing their lives everyday over a war that should have never been started. The second most important issue is the European Trade Union issue with the United States because this breaksdown export and import which affects international commerce.


Interesting about the ETU....I've heard about that. Thanks Tricia!


Immigration, security, abortion, war on terror, and the eradication of liberalism

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