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Is intelligence a turn-on? Why or why not?


I very much like intelligence. I preffer a good conversation in which we can talk for hours about everything from politics to religion and almost everything in between.


It is to me cuz I don't want to be with some dumb wit that can't carry on a decent conversation

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Your not referrin' to a bunch of good ol' boys from south Jaw-Juh, now are ya?


You know it


I believe at times it can be. My girlfrien is very intelligent and I often feel most attracted to her watching her work on her school work


yes ,,,, and no.....
if a man is smart he will want a smart wife,girlfriend, friend...
relationships are not as simple as your question and can not be answered in a yes or no fashion..
if a woman is beautiful {and all women are} and has brains too she has two strikes against her with some men...
if she is beautiful he has to defend her against the offers of other men... if she is brainy,,smart he has to defend himself against her seeing through his lies and false promises....
to an ignorant man,,, intellegence in a woman is dangerous.
to an intellegent honest man intellegence in a woman is a treasure....
i am a 64 year old man... i can not speak for the women in this question... i do not want a dummy for a wife or girlfriend, i have some as friends, but they are married to other men.

Pradeep: the words of Ron White (Blue Collar Comedian) "You can't fix stupid!" lol


Very much so, unless an individual acts as though they are smarter than you.


It can be to some, sometimes people thrive off the intelligence of others. 'from the wedding of minds new thoughts are concieved'.


Of course it is. Looks fade FAST!!!!!! :)

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