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Will the high Canadian dollar prevent Americans from visiting Canada?

How do Americans feel now that the Canadian dollar is higher than the American dollar?Do you believe that Canada and the USA should use the same currency or should we each continue to use our own individual currency?

Wow...loaded questions... heehee...
Congrats to the Canadians! That's a wonderful thing to have your money worth its weight in gold. Americans did have that once... then something went terribly wrong. As for visiting, I don't see it deterring anyone from that. Maybe those that wished they could go even before this was an issue but didn't have the money but ahh... that's life sometimes.
As for consolidating funds? No. I think that in large part Americans need to get rid of the debt they are in, learn to balance their own governmental check books, and quit spending more than they have. Just because they're able to print more money doesn't mean it's value is right... sheesh; monopoly anyone?
Again, congrats! It's a challenge by any feat to have the money you earn be what the face value says it is.


why tku Michelle!!!! my trip to the USA and Cuba were very I cannot travel anymore ..$$$$$$ just not there for me...for now....


Another utterly clue-deficient answer, typical of far too many people. Gold has crashed through the $800 barrier and will break its previous record within months. What does that mean? Your fiat money has plummeted 300% over the past few years, in real terms.

Regarding the Canadian exchange rate (or any other, for that matter) when you "get" to pay 25% to 35% more for something, does that mean you are likely to buy MORE? Or will you ability to earn income inhibit your buying power?

Few Americans are smart enough to "get rid of" their debt. This is confirmed by their willingness to place their family's future well-being at risk. Far too many have stripped the equity from their homes in order to pay-off irresponsible spending habits. The sub-prime mortgage debacle is evidence of this cancer that is now impacting prime lenders. Of course they have such a poor example to follow, based upon Congress' GROSS irresponsibility and blatant vote-buying schemes.


Why thank you Scott D for pointing out that I don't have the information that you do. Touche~
As for clue deficient, that's not entirely the case here. It's a matter of opinion regarding why or why not just as it is in any answers. This is an opinion based forum as far as I was aware of and I gave the best possible answer without bias and my answer is not totally wrong either. AS for responsibility, it's everyone who is responsible. As for being in debt, its likely because they've not been educated in the fine art of how to's like a lot of us that think we know, i.e. you and I. However, if we'd share, kindly, what we know and share it freely to help rather than be another monger who'd rather make a buck off the knowledge we have, we'd have a stronger dollar and a stronger society.
I appreciate your answer. However, I don't appreciate your destructive criticism of my answer that I gave with complete sincerity. That wasn't very nice. Smart or not I did answer with a kind heart...


You are, of course, correct about the sincerity of your answer.

The unfortunate aspect is that all answers were incomplete.


If we all knew the answer to this problem in its entirety I'm certain we would all have more than enough money to keep us happy for a You're as much right on it as I've seen and do appreciate your answer... just for the record. Targeting my inadequacies was perhaps a bit over the top but I think the retaliation was enough to balance
Thanks for your opinion and reply : )


The high cost of gasoline would be the only reason I wouldn't visit. I simply can't afford to drive anywhere for fun anymore. Every trip must have a purpose. I believe that having the same currency would change a lot of things and it wouldn't all be good. We are very similar in a lot of things but I also embrace our differences. I like diversity but that's just me. I am happy that your economy is doing well and I hope that won't discourage tourism from your southern neighbors but such is the nature of money and how people chose to spend it.


The Canadian economy is essentially unchanged. Ours, however, has been irreversibly damaged.

Gasoline is the least of your worries. Wait until the pressure on our currency is expressed in higher prices for all of the junk that we import from other nations ... from foods, to cars, to clothing, to name it.

We are SO screwed! It is unfortunate that most Americans are too clue-impaired to realize it yet. The time will come soon enough.


I don't see any change in Americans visiting Canada. The border states have people making regular trips all the time. The reasons that people go to Canada will be the same as there are simply certain products you cannot get in the US that people want. There are casinos near my location in Canada that people will not stop going to.

I assume little will change.


In reality Americans may continue to travel to Canada, but their buying power will be diminshed. There will be a change.


Were all moving to Canada!! No but anyway just like 10 years ago I used to go there to shop cause we got $1.50 for our $1.00 it was worth it to go,, Now Americans wont be going there as much to shop or go to the casino!!

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