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Which QnA member do you think provided the best answer to this question?

Retts, Michelle, Mission Jesus or JackiePlease let me know who you think provided the best answer to the question and why. The link to the question is below. When you click on the link to view the question below please also vote for the person you think gave the best answer.​7805

I voted as well.
I gave Michelle my vote because I feel the same way she does. Although you got a lot of really good answers. It was tuff to decide. I can see why you asked for help! ;)


thank you for taking the time to answer my question Doreen


You are welcome.


I vote MJ cuz it's true, someone who wants to travel to a certain place is going to go


None of them!


Okay, I'm in. I voted.


yes but you never gave a reason as to why the person you voted for gave the best answer that was the whole point.


2nd paragraph


I think Jackie answered it best, although they were really all good answers. I like the way she expressed about the gas prices and just everything she said in general.


Michelle resonated confidence as well as identified the underlying purpose of the question, while staying out of the line of fire. I gave her my vote.


answering hasn't ended yet


Jackie- I would still go there, if I could, I would just be more thrifty there


I voted for ...........



okay I voted hope I got the right one

No skinny:

All the answers Put together are very helpful in deciding a good answer , I believe everyone gave a reasonable answer.

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