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What will need to be done to set the us back on track?

if you lose the funds you lose the people then what?



We need to get back to the ideas this country was founded on...But that aint happenin...Just do your part the best you can and hope it becomes contagious.


good idea if the people survive.


I wonder how the slaves in the US South felt while singing gospel songs and working in the fields picking cotton?


Michael,God didn't make slaves of the people. Man did. It is for reasons like this that God will destroy the world again If the slaves were singing praises to God, they weren't blaming him. Why should you? You weren't a slave


I wasn't blaming God. I was addressing the idea that hope would be enough to make things better. Hope (or prayer) is not enough. One needs to be willing to do work.


Right track? You work half of your life now for the government. It takes you a little over a half a year to pay all your taxes! Looks to me like we are on the right track, your children and grandchildren can work 7 months or more to pay for the "right track!"


Which "track" in particular do you think they need to be "set" back on? I can think of about a dozen different ways we've "derailed" in the past few decades!


we are into the government over starving the people.


Romney '08
Everyone else has been there and done that and what they've done hasn't been worth a hill of beans.
Obama, Clinton, and McCain have been in the more needs to be said.


I believe the exact opposite is true. Bush has only favored big business. What do you think Romney will do?


No one man or woman is going to set this nation back on track. No president can do anything with a congress ( who always have their hands out waiting for the rich guys to come grease their palms ). to overrule every decision that he or she makes. Whenever a bad ruling takes effect, or a good one doesn't, we want to blame it on our president. What we first need to do is force a bunch of 60, 70, 80, and 90 year old congressmen out of office. But we can't do that, so our number 2 choice which should be our first choice is to get down on knees and if we can't do that get down on our faces and beg the almighty God our God not a fake God to have mercy on America


We certainly do have the ability to force anyone out of office who isn't doing the job. People just need to take the time to learn how well their representatives are working for them.

Getting on your knees does nothing but bruise your knees. Get up and do the hard work needed to make things better.

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