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Confusing Microeconomics problem

1. A monopolist with a straight-line demandcurve finds that it can sell two units at $12 each or 12 units at $2 each. Its fixed cost is $20 and itsmarginal cost is constant at $3 per unit. [a] Assume single pricing. Calculatethe output produced by the monopolist. Calculate the price selected by the monopolist. Calculate the monopolist’s total profit. Assume single pricing. Calculate total surplus. Calculate the deadweight loss.[c] Assume perfect price discrimination. Calculate the output produced by themonopolist. Calculate the monopolist’s totalprofit. [d] Assume perfect price discrimination. Calculate total surplus. Determine the deadweight loss.Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Would you mind not posting such absurdly complex questions. No one is ever going to waste any time on them.

Those of us who will, are likely to post answers not to your liking.

The answer is ... "far too many facts not in evidence!"

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