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Do you think that Americans are turning against Chinese made products? (see link and explanation)

On , below the search bar is the 3 most searched items on MSN live search for today, one of those items is "toys made in US". Do you think that Americas are going to be boycotting Chinese-made toys this Christmas, because of safety concerns?

Well, there is certainly concern over the safety of products and the media has not helped by exposing the politics of the Chinese business practices.
And there has always been concern over sweatshops and labor practices.
However it always seems that costs win out over humanitarian concerns in the end when it comes to large scale purchasing.
I hope I'm wrong.

Born Fool:

Yes. Fear is a powerful motivator and there are news services out there spreading fear to sell their shows.


America will bend to the will of the Chinese if it knows what's good for her. That is a war America could not win.

Dr. Wolfman:

I think the recent issues with Chinese made toys scares most of us...and it makes me think: if is toys with lead, why not plates, cups, and other such items we eat off of? To be honest, I went looking for everyday dishes that were "made in America", right before Thanksgiving, just because I was worried about the paint that was used on dishes i have, as they were made in China. I have to say: if given a choice in stores, I'm going made in America.


yes it is a little scary especially when every night the news tells us about another item either being recalled or something wrong with it, until american companies decide that the dollar means less than peoples safety here and they start making products in the USA then we will have to suffer with everything that comes out of China unless it is monitored more carefully.

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