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In what ways might monopolies bring economic benefits to an economy?

Links would be good

Monopolies can be either good or bad. Adverse monopolies, such as our government's monopoly on "education" is a great example. We pay $8K to $11K per student only to have less than half graduate high school in spite of constantly lowered expectations. At the same time private schools charge significantly less per student for what is vastly superior education that actually challenges the student and causes them to excel.

As I had mentioned in my comment to Chris, Microsoft is probably a good example of a benevolent monopoly. They have created more personal wealth than any other company of its age. They have taken a few good ideas and brought the power of computing into a very affordable price range. They have stimulated ongoing competition in a plethora of other companies and industries. All of which has greatly improved the national economy and personal living standards.


monopolies might bring economic benefits to an economy is thru lowering prices


Only BENEVOLENT monopolies would maintain lower prices if they have no competition to keep them honest.

Man, the government's ADVERSE MONOPOLY on what passes for "education" these days certainly has had an adverse impact on what passes for knowledge. ;-)

Microsoft might be an example of a benevoltent monopoly, in spite of hostile government attacks.

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