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Mac....Of Moot and Mac

In your country....what is the #1 issue that is affecting you and your family?...Is this issue being

addressed by your local, state, provincial or federal government
Dj Noz:

Health Care

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Country?..and are these issues being addressed?

Dj Noz:

Depends on who you ask and who you believe.


Let me give you a lecture....if you don't mind...
In my Country........there are national problems like any other country....... BUT...the more problematic are the state Level problems...each state has it's own set of problems....

My state has different problems too.....before I say anything I must tell you that this state (West Bengal) don't suffer from religion problems that much like many other countries.....Most of the people here are reluctant about religious differences.....actually most people here join every other type of religious festivals..............No that mentionable sign of terrorism till now....nothing.... But

This state is under constant rule of a communist government for More Than 30 present this government seems less communist but more capitalist....This is the only communist government in this country who is beside the central government so that India can sign the Nuclear Deal with USA....I must tell you in this place that India never had any communist government in the centre......and this ministers from my state government regularly visit USA to draw more and more US business capitals to this soil and they give USA capitalists more preference than other.....
The problem my friend is the excellent scientific political organisation system of this government which enables it to rule this state for more than 30 years without any strong opponent.......actually there is not better alternative........

I must stop here leaving you on your imagination and set of questions........

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

I'm gonna study up on west Bengal....test later


ok......we talk later about this...


illegal aliens are a big problem for me. I'm a contractor that loses con tracks to them everyday they pay no taxes. carry no insurance and pay there help substandard wages so they can do the for half the cost that i can.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

What country? your govt. addressing this issue?

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