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What damages do natural disasters cause? (For example, economics of the country, etc)


Natural Disasters is the least likely cause of data loss however they can kill an entire company. The eruption of natural disasters and the complete equipment failure are rare but they do occur. Although it accounts for around 3% of all data loss but the magnitude of data loss is highest.

The disaster may strike anywhere and occurs in many shapes and sizes. Natural disasters may occur in the form of fire, flood, lightening strikes followed by power surges.


When a single drop of water can short out your computer, what when the whole equipment is completely submerged in the river water. Calculate the extent of damage when it is sunken not only for an hour but for days. However, no matter what, your data can still be recovered if you follow the following measures.

• Make sure that you turn off the computer and do not turn it on. It is because the drive may seem dry but there is small amount of water, which may still be present on the components and can cause a short when powered on.

• You may think that drying the wet drive may be of help but it is not the case. However, dried water leaves contaminants on the drive and can cause a head crash to occur when the system is powered on. Hence, it is recommended to place the media in a plastic airtight bag instead.

• Do not store your mission critical data in a flood plain.

Fire Damage:

When the fire catches your computer, it may damage the plastic encasings and components of the computer but the data present in the metal hard drive may still be recovered. There are many data recovery software & Service companies, which provide data recovery from fire damages.

When the fire strikes, you can do a bit from your end to lessen the extent of damage.

• When your computer becomes wet from fire hoses, take the wet hard drive out of the system and do not dry; instead place it in a pl


Should be zero, it's not like we didn't foresee most of them. Live on the Mississippi don't come crying to me when your house is flooded, build a million dollar home on a hill known for mudslides, trailer park in OK anyone. People of Louisiana were told for years their levy would break. Don't live in a danger zone, there's enough land in the US MOVE!


Everything. Money, physical, emotional, and maybe even sprital. It sucks.


most everything goes to losses but life is the hardest of all of them.


katrina draine the treasury

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