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Will the U.S. have a recession?

The housing market is doing poorly with an increasing amount of foreclosures, unemployment rate increased and the U.S. dollar is worth less.

Look at the amount of foreclosures and businesses closing in your area, the unemployment rate, the gas prices...OH YES - full-blown recession; perhaps a depression on the horizon


I thought we were already in one...


yes, CA sure is.....


Indeed, we are in one. With $1000 gold and a shrinking dollar; $100+ oil, higher commodity prices and the ripple effect of transportation costs into virtually all other goods, the most insidious tax we will pay is inflation. You can see it now in food prices and you will soon see it across the board.

The housing market is a whole 'nother animal. Foreclosures are merely a symptom, but they have a bright side. They represent buying opportunities for the savvy investor.


Have a recession?
We are already in a recession heading toward a depression.


Theirs bad news, very bad news, and good news.
The bad news is, yes we are already in a recession.
The very bad news is that, we are heading toward a depression.
The good news is that, oil price of oil is $102 a barrel yea!!!

Gee i wonder who that benefit's?


According to some economists, we already are in one.


45% say we are.


I agree we are already in one. We should have learned the lesson back in the 70's and gotten off oil then!

Oh well, if the price of gas goes up enough it will be profitable to extract oil from shale and we have plenty of that right here and that will help our economy.


Excellent example of the brighter side. Now if we can just get the ignorami to begin exploitation of known oil reserves here in the US, we could impoverish the middle east.


That'll teach me to take a call while completing an answer!

I meant to say ...impoverish the middle eastern oil barons. I have nothing against the people of the middle east, in spite of what they may think of US! ;-)

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