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What states slogan would this be? - Relax, Retire, Re-vote


Isn't it always Florida? What is going on with that place?


We put the "duh" in Florida


It's a great place to go mountain climbing. Very safe.




That's us....bringing the nat'l age up a few decades w/ Boca. Although relax & retire I'd prefer not be in our slogan---how about FLORIDA- Where the call centers roam and the chads visit the elderly. ^_^


sorry Greta how's this one
Don't blame me, my vote didn't count






The same state where they have yet to sell a can of Red Bull or pay-per-view to Ultimate Cage Fighting.




HMMM Florida may-be...the state with the hanging chads


At least they may get to re-vote this time. Oh what could have been if they had been able to re-vote after the hanging chad/I voted for who? scandal of 2000.

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