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How are you going to spend your United States government Economic Stimulus check? Have

you decided yet. Or are you going to bank it when you get it? My husband is going on a well deserved golf vacation to Hilton Head with some buddies and the money will be spent for that trip in our house.

don't know yet but i do know we all could use a mini vacation, can't go too far but we need to do something together with it i think. problem is finding the time and opportunity for us so it just could go back into house absorption or bills. something always needs done. lol it never ends!


Well, I would have like to do something together, but my husband loves golf, and we live in Vermont (still snow on the ground) and he's been looking forward to getting away on a golf trip with 2 other avid golfers (I don't golf), and he's a lot older than I am and has arthritis, so I want him to enjoy doing what he loves, before health prevents him from doing so!


good girl kinkley. Lorelei. need to change your picture, you are pretty, show your smile.


lol. i get tired of seeing me.


kinkley, that's so nice of you. your husband is a lucky man. i would let mine go somewhere but he'd never do it at least not now as we don't get to see much of each other lately.


We're retired so we're home together most of the time, and I don't mind if he goes. I go to visit relatives out of state sometimes and he doesn't go. We do go on vacations together also.


gonna go and visit the grandkids!!


Now that's a very good thing to do, mom, have a wonderful time!


It's going straight into my savings account.


That's a good thing to do with it!


pay bills.


That's good that you'll be getting the money if you need to pay some bills with it.

Samuel Deva:

buy some vittles... buy some fuel for tractor... put the rest of the silver in a mason jar under the porch...


That's good!


not sure yet, thinking about buying some new clothes for summer. But really just don't know yet.


That would be good to buy some new clothes. I'm losing weight, and I hope to buy some new clothes for summer in a couple of months when I get to where I want to be weightwise.


Put it in the bank for whe I get taxed on it next year.


I don't believe we are going to get taxed on those particular checks, Blixa. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.


Well, just in case.


I'll believe it when I see it. I have heard several reports, not sure how much money we're talking about!


Hi boxermom, I believe we are going to get the checks with all the publicity it's had. I think it depends on income bracket, etc. how much each person can get. I've read up to $1200. for a married couple filing jointly and $600. for a single person.

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