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Is there a really big World Economic crisis on the rise or am I just a paranoid conspiracy theorist?


I think it doesn't look good, but I wouldn't call it a crisis yet.
As for the rest, I don't know you well enough to offer a diagnosis yet!


Yes. facts are not a conspiracy.


Funny how the word Conspiracy has come to mean "Paranoid baseless theories" when the true meaning of conspiracy is simply people getting together & planning something. Nothing baseless about that...


It all started with the Savings and Loans scandal in Bill Clintons era, remember, connect the dots, = source of economic down turn world wide related to and hinged upon the sale of loans to 2nd mortgages, and over spending on credit. = Those who sold credit and backed financial house with such are profiting at the cost of financial instability of a whole world market. If I or you stole as much money as the CEOs of such devious contrivances instead of 3 yrs in a fed jail we would be sent to prison for the rest of our lives. There is no ends to the greed that power renders in the hands of extremists, on any level, in every field, and at all costs, oblivious to the needs, safety or welfare of everyone else subject to the effects of these actions....Just because you are or might be paranoid, that doesn't mean someone is not out to get you, and yours and everyone elses.....Ants unite.


and the taxpayers bailed the saving and loans out...
set a precedent, like the bailout of chrysler...
the taxpayers bailed out the insurance companies in the wake of 911...
just where does the government think the money is gonna come from now??:(

the old rule holds, if you owe the bant $50,000, the bank owns you...if you owe the bank fifty million, you own the bank...


@Spyder: Extremist: perfect choice of words there.
@Free: Another thing, in this 'competitive market', only the little guys need to compete. You lose, you're in the dustbin. The big boys however get bailed out by the taxpayers. That's competition for you. Or another way of saying it:
Privatised profits, nationalised losses ;)


The savings & loan scandal was under the Daddy Bush administration; not the Clinto administration.


Sorry, that scandel goes back to the Bush era... And mr. mc C was one caught on the take.... Perhaps, you are not old enough to remember..


the USA is already in deep, but up til a while ago i would have said that it wouldn't be worldwide. but the collapse of one big bank sent stock markets in a spiral everywhere.
so i have to say that everyone's in for a difficult period.
the japanese really haven't recovered from their meltdown a while back, but that didnt wreck other markets so much.
regardless, the USA's in for it. china may be the least affected, but any country that relies on exports for financial growth will be hurt by the tightening of the money supply as consumers purchase less.
the only growth markets are military, security and commodities, (which have quadrupled in value in the last few years)...

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