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Do you worry about uncertain future and goals?


i really think it's great that you are asking all of these questions but I do wish that you would answer some as well, participate, and let us know a little bit about who you are too.

Literally Speaking ™:

Worry??? No I do not worry about the future, the future is not set in stone and I can change my own future as I go along.

Goals of mine are simple and easily attained, it's called one step at a time.



My future I don't worry about it's the future of this country that worries me and the blind eye that Americans have,,,They are to caught up in what they own and want and their own personal future that thier to blind to see that we can make a diffrence if we stand up and fight,,,But they won't do that either because thier afraid plain and simple AFRAID.


I don't worry about it, I embrace it. I love change, and the challenge that comes with it.


Of course. Our country is on the edge of disaster; how can a goal mean anything when the ground that it is posted on might be sinking?


I deal with things as they are presented to me. If I worry about the uncertainty of things I'll be a wreck. It's no guarantee that the uncertain will happen. So enjoy what you have and be grateful for all your blessings.


I'm not certain and that worries me.

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