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Is it just me or does the press have a huge influence on cosumer confidence?


as more and more people are unable to think for themselves...
people will listen to whoever speaks the loudest or most often...
i dont think its just you, trends fads and the direction of the country are directed to us, not from us, we are actors with the only the illusion of control...


amen. tks


I agree with you, and not just consumer confidence people tend to take media reporting as gospel.


yes and maybe even a huge influence on elections for those who don't research for themselves. tks.


Exactly that is the case.


Only as reporters. The indices and surveys are independent of the reporting. The messenger and the message are different.


but isn't it all subject to bias, surveys, polls. and overwhelmingly liberal. tks


Depends on the reportage. Liberal is not necessarily bad, and neither is conservative. We need to be able to read the information, not believe what any reporter may say.


Oh course they do, and depending on how they lean could mean the make or break of the product or idea...well thought out ridicule can sound true, to the average person. and people are not into studying the product, they are all wanting instant perfection without clauses or drama. :)


that is why commercials work i guess. tks


I think the press has too much influence over many things to include popular opinion. Rule #3 in my life: Do not take the press all that seriously. They report on what they want or what they are given and how they see it.

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