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who profits from high oil prices


the people who own the oil leases....
the people who pump the oil out of the ground
the speculators in the commodities market are the ones responsible for the high oil prices...
opec wants $27.00 U.S. per barrel for oil... that keeps the price down so low that alternative fuels and new drilling is not economical... the big oil companies don't want the high prices.. for the same reason....
this spike in prices is not based on anything other than panic... and will collapse...
here is a short formula to help you at the pump..
on discount gas i get 18 miles per gallon... at $3.00 per gallon that is about 17 cents per mile cost.
every car will get the best mileage out of the fuel that was in it when it was tuned up..
i use exxon regular and get 20 miles per gallon... a two mile per gallon increase, at 17 cents per mile that's 34 cents per gallon that i save.... i have a 35 gallon tank and usually fill 30 gallons... 30 gallons at 34 cents per gallon equals..$10.34 per tank.. that i save.....
driving across town to fill up where you can buy gas at a few cents per gallon less will cost you money...
i use exxon only because i get the best mileage from it..
check this formula and let me know if it works for you...


LOL I watched a line of cars parked all the way down a street because one gas station had gas at $.03/ gal less, with a 20 gal tank (assumes you are dead empty) your max savings is $.60, is it worth the half hour wait in line where most people had their engines idling anyway? I happily paid the $.03 more per gallon across the street and was home before the others ever got to the pump.


Investors who have bought Oil company stock.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

How do you figure?


the oil company, the oil sheiks....


they can afford cars made of silver, not just painted silver but MADE of silver


and this is his house... not some hotel somewhere...


People who already have vast amounts of money and friends in Government they have gotten business deals with. I dont see Bush helping America to manufacture electric cars, and wheres all that Texas oil??? or help anyone with the prices, no caps on oil prices, when there could be.


You should run for office, huh? Might make it.

Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

God help you if you find out the hard way how badly those ideas would backfire.

BTW: The president is a Government figure, not an auto manufacturer. Why should he be working on consumer products like cars?


The oil barons, Our politicians and tree huggers have delayed oil drilling in the North for to long. And we should have more refineries.


there are oil pools in the gulf of mexico that would increase our reserves by 30 per cent if they would drill there.....


Obviously the Oil companies profit, but they are not the only ones to profit from higher oil prices. Prices rise for any number of reasons, resource depletion, increased demand, etc. It should also be kept in mind that a price rise can be due more to a devaluation of the dollar and a rise in inflation. The simple answer is, that whoever owns a resource, that increases in value, is the owner of that resource, in this case oil companies and their share holders.

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