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How do you feel about John McCain's economic views?


Think it's great, no one should get a break, big mortgage lenders nor the borrower. Sorry if they didn't read the fine print. Ah, too bad and why should my tax dollars bailout big businesses? Based upon Exxon's profits for last year of 40 billion isn't that like 13,000 USD per person in the USA?


What views ? He has any ?


McCain has the same economic view's, plan's that J. Edgar Hoover had, or worse.


indeed...true. In other words, nothing.


You sound like an "old time democrat" offense.


No offense taken, True I am an old time democrat, BUT not as old as McCain, he is in fact four years my senior, I do remember my parents, grandparents talking about Hoover, he brought the country into the depression, no jobs, very little food, hard times then, thats what I meant when I said, McCain has the same economic views as J. Edgar Hoover. NOTHING.


Russ, George did either of you or anyone else catch/See the big mistake I made in my Top Two post? I just caught it myself, If you found it write and tell me what it is, otherwise I will let it ride.


His views are exactly like Bush's views....Outdated,Irrelivant and it's the same ole hot air comming from Washington. If McCain wins be prepared to spend the next 4 + years of us paying more and making less. You would have to be an idiot to vote for him - Unless You Enjoy Poverty.


The Democrats are going to do better. Has it occurred to you that budgets come from Congress and the Democrats are in charge. Why are almost all the States controlled by Democrats so screwed up. So many leaking red ink. New York 5 billion in the hole-all Democrats; Governor, State Legislature and most City mayors.


Republicans have held the majority in congress for 12 of the last 14 years! Currently, they hold the lead in the senate by only 1 vote, and it doesn't really count because it belongs to Joe Lie-berman, who is a republican in everything but name only.


Mr. McCain has shown a great presence and wisdom when answering questions about the economy. He'll do very well once elected to office. He started legislating and governing from the campaign trail even now. He will be the 44th president. Go ahead, we are behind you.


OK, what positions that he's taken do you like?


I must have missed it. I didn't think that any of the candidates had taken actual positions on issues.


Oh Yes! Hillary has the best economics plan, and I think Obama FINALLY came up with something on it, BUT, no McCain has no economics plan at all, we heard him say he didn't know anything about economics, and good as said he didn't care, but said he had two people that would work on it for him, and those two people are not on speaking terms, WELL, thats not good enough for me.


McCain doesn't even know what economics are let alone have an opinion.


It's about time we have someone who wants to make individuals responsible for their own actions and decisions. Hard working, financially responsible citizens should not be paying everyone who made poor decisions in their lives. I believe we live in a land of equal opportunity, what we do with that opportunity is an individual choice.


You mean like Bush and Cheney take responsibility for THEIR actions, and the actions of their stooges??


John McCain just wants to be president and he admits he knows nothing about economics. We already have a president who know nothing about economics aren't we in enough trouble.
Please please let's not go there again.


John McCain is a warmonger, War is the only thing he wants to talk about, Economics, health care? He could care less.


as we are both the same age he knows this trouble will pass. we have been thru this before several times. in the 1950s i was due to get out of navy,my father said i should stay in as things were tough. i didnt i got out it all turned around by 1959. its just a bad spell you have to roll with the punches some people will get knocked out.


Cid, I want to change the subject0ff McCain for a minute here, I have a question maybe you can answer or help me with. WHICH PARTY WILL RALPH NADER TAKE THE MOST VOTES OFF OF DEM'S or REPUB'S? Now it seems to me like the Independs always took most votes off of the DEM'S, I know thats what beat AL GORE in 2002. Your Opinion Please. Thank You.


Well I guess then that you are in favor of continuing tax breaks for the very rich, and tax breaks for corporations that ship U.S. jobs overseas?

Mirror on the Wall I am the Fairest of All:

He's another mini George Bush Sr


His "views" are so clouded he must have cataracts.


John Mc Cain No-Brain as i have read is just one more example some of us who are republicans should be ashamed to be committed to such a party. the only problem is, our choice to be democrat gets even worse. Has politics ever been so maligned in this country as now? " government for the people .by the people of the people" what a joke


Sounds like another George Bush. Scares me.


Geroge Bush has kept you safe since 9/11.With him gone,you might want to be afraid again if Obama wins.


Wouldn't it be wonderful? If only McCain knew he should be dealing with the economy. Instead, he believes he's a tv personality on Biography.


Mr. McCain has shown a great presence and wisdom when answering questions about the economy. He'll do very good once elected to office. He started legislating and governing from the campaign trail even now. He will be the 44th president. Go ahead, we are behind you.


Sounds like a Depression would not bother him in the least it would keep the poor in their place and make it much easier on the money men!


That would help the Democrats. He would be voted out. So that makes no sense.




Be real people. It will all depend on who he selects as advisors and as a running mate (hopefully Mitt Romney). Besides, Congress passes the budget and its' controlled by the Democratic Party. You know the Congress with a 13% approval rating. I can't believe that Hillary and Obama Know more about economics. All they know is class warfare and taxation.


HEY twr07


All he did was adopt bush's economic plan, so I hate his economic views. He needs to distance himself from bush and anything bush supports if he's going to have a chance at winning.


Supply side economics has been a complete failure through Bush's and Regan's administrations. What does McCain propose?
The same ! Lower taxes on the wealthy (in the middle of a war no less!) and cut spending.(not on the war, or corporate subsides, but on desperately needed social programs, healthcare, and rebuilding the infrastructure!
If he's elected, get ready for Bush's third term!


Actually its' worked great. Why do you think Clinton Kept it. Just ask Greenspan.


I like how the guy isn't a far right close-minded neo-con, and he seems more free-minded than most conservatives, but the fact that he is such a war hawk, loses him a lot of votes including mine. Obama 08!

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