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California is close to passing a bill requiring all pets be spayed or neutered? Agree or disagree?

500,000 unwanted animals are killed each year in California alone. Those dogs and cats also impose a big expense to the state as keeping and killing them costs $300 million a year.Breeders and owners of guide dogs can get an exception. All others would need to get their pets fixed of receive a $500 fine for each pet not fixed.Do you agree with this? Is it a good way to reduce the population of unwanted pets, or is it micromanagement in your lives?I know Bob Barker's opinion. What's yours?

BTW - a vote on MSNBC (with 32,000 votes tallied) shows 34% approving and 62% disapproving (and 3.4% unsure).

Chicago Lady:

Hi, Michael. :-)

#1: Are you a pet owner?
#2: What do YOU think?


Yes, I am a pet owner. We have two Labs, one Corgi, and a cat.

I think the law has its drawbacks, but is well-intentioned. Half a million euthanized animals (in California alone) is sad indeed, and caused by irresponsible people who do not care enough for their animals.

One of the drawbacks I see is, if only breeders are allowed to breed animals, then all we're going to have is overpriced, possibly inbred pets. Mutts have their place in our world.

I don't know how they'll enforce this law. Maybe it depends on how many are licensed. Many dogs are. I don't think most people license their cats, however.

But then again, I doubt the animal shelters are going out of business anytime soon.

Chicago Lady:

Thanks, Michael, great response. I wish everyone who owned pets were as caring and responsible as you.


i'm sorry but i disagree dogs become less energetic and get fat when fixed so both of my dogs are not fixed same with cats


I think I agree.. thats really sad all those animals that are unwanted...


I can't disagree. The pets don't kill themselves. It's the people around them who neglect their pets by not keeping them from breeding. This is a case where the many have ruined it for the few. Only a responsible person will pay this fine. What do you bet that there will be just as many animals being put down with or without the fine?



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