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What does 21st century socialism mean?


Against the people
It is taken for granted that political representatives often find it their duty to take actions with which the people who elected them disagree. As the Czech Republic's Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra put it in an interview for the BBC World Service: "Well, there are the moments in history where you have to be against your people."
Vondra was explaining the fact that the Czech govenment is determined to allow the use of its territory by the USA for a military radar site, a forward-based element of America's Post-Star Wars 'National Missile Defense' system, despite the opposition of almost 70% of the Czech population.

The proposed radar base is to be connected to a new US missile installation, which is to be constructed in neighbouring Poland. According to opinion polls, over 55% of the Polish people do not want the missile base. Nevertheless, the Polish government insists that the base will be built.

Of course, leaders have more expertise on political matters than the average person: that, presumably, is one of the reasons why it is they who became the leaders. And any system of political representation must allow the representatives sufficient flexibility to use this expertise in order to perform their duties effectively; it cannot reasonably be demanded that they must have majority support for every detail of policy. But it is notable how often these 'moments in history' - in which the government makes a stand against the majority of the people on an issue of huge strategic or economic importance- occur, in the countries which have competitive, multi-party elections and in which the bulk of the mass media is in private ownership- that is, in countries with a liberal, pluralist, capitalist political system. It is usual to hear these states described as democracies, and the states which do not adopt this system as being authoritarian, or even as dictatorships: counties in whi

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