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Is Corporate Americas' Greed getting them back now with the current Banking/Housing failings?

Short term profits , no long term planning, caught up in the greed now they want our help?

Actually, it has more to do with the public's colossal ignorance of economics (as displayed in your question) and a particular political party desperate for the ignorant to believe that the economy sucks so they can retake (what they think) is their rightful place of power over all.

Not to mention the asinine ethanol fad driving up food prices everywhere you look.


Apparently you're not a shareholder with a major Bank or Company in America whose dividend is being shipped overseas to invest in foreign markets. The economy suffers with the average American who is trying to survive in this economy. I agree on the ethanol fad. My question got your attention and read The Real Deal answered the question (Corporate America is doing fine)


Actually, I am.
I'm also aware of the reinvestment in America by those overseas.

The "Evile Corporate America's Greed" B.S. is nothing but the usual worn out and disproven class warfare.


It's not getting corporate America back they're doing just fine, it's the rest of us on the lower rung of society thats being affected. Hell Corporate America is loving whats going on, depression is the only thing, that would affect corporate America. Remember 1929!!


You're right! Corporate America is alive and well! Its the average American who is paying for this mess. Depression is the key to their purse strings , but remember they control that also.


Actually, we didn't have a depression until 1930 with the passage of Smoot-Hawley. It was the government that shafted us with that one. In this case, it's a cyclical event. We've had 52 months of growth and it had to give eventually. It won't be long, probably the end of the year, and we'll be recovering.

And no, it won't matter who's elected. Unless, of course, they take measures to make it worse such as throwing away tax cuts and adding on higher minimum wage.


They will flinch and move on.


When did it ever leave....Have I missed something?


It isn't just corporate America's greed. It is American greed. We all want more for less, we want the things we have to increase so we can make money. It is just the way of life. It is sad, however, that the housing market has all but bottomed out. Everyone is loosing, as what they own devalues. If stability could return...but alas, what is stability? Were is the cut-off? Does anyone really know??

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