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Why are the states in the worst economic state all or mostly controlled by Democratic regimes?

The states in worst economic shape, for example New York with a 5 billion dollar deficit, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey all running large deficits... well you get the idea.
Porkenstein AKA Pork, Porky, Porkens:

I am no fan of Democrats, but your question implies causality from correlation. This is a logical fallacy that if two things happen at the same time A causes B.
A more rational answer is that states with economic problems are more likely to have a higher number of poor people and that poor people historically lean more to the left.

Samuel Deva:

damn--- I thought I told you to get the beer and bbq ready---leave these demopeople alone...


I would say, having lived in California, New York, and Illinois; that these states are not business friendly. They legislate to maintain their political power without regard to those who actually pay the bills. I think they have cynically deduced that there are more people with their hands out than those actually having to support the system. At the same time the condition of the "poor" never improves because this serves their purposes; getting reelected. New York is a great example, along with Michigan and Illinois. Louisiana (where I was born and lived in the past) was just plain incompetent.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

I noticed that the national economy began to tank when the Democrats took over Congress.


Historically, democrats realized that they can buy votes by promising people all sorts of "free" benefits. Of course, nothing is really free, and at some point, you have to pay the price. High taxes, poor economies and deficts are the result.
Now of course, the republicans have gotten in on the act too, and are running up just as large deficits.


A dem. ones said asked not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. What going on?

Samuel Deva:

the democrats have historically been on the side of the working class of this country...


I honestly don't believe that, having lived in some of those states. No matter what they do nothing improves. I believe they have cyncally deduced that this is a good scam to stay ellected. "Without me your handout is gone, so you must vote for me". At the same time, they have no interest in actually improving the conditions, self-sufficient people don't need the Democrats. You honestly think that Kennedy, Clintons, Reid care about the "little" people. The Kennedy's, who advocate higher taxes yet hide their money in Fiji. It is estimated that the Kennedy's pay only .4% of their income in taxes.


The states you listed all have large, diverse businesses, with large populations within them. They are merely a sign of a national economic problem, that is magnified by those states that drive a large and significant portion of the national economy. The forces of economics are beyond the control of any political party. It is ridiculous to blame any one party for the current economic and financial difficulties that any state is experiencing at the moment.


Florida and Texas don't seem to have the same magnitude of problems these "Democratic" states have.


democrats believe in intitelments. People flock to those states that give away the most. Wouldn't you. Washington state is coming on strong.

Samuel Deva:

the entitlement to believe we are all equal ???


First off, JohnFx has it right.

But also realize that there is a see saw effect in politics. When conservatives are in businesses get the tax breaks and "incentives" that are paid for by the working stiff's taxes.

Then when people get angry enough the elect liberals who give tax breaks and "incentives" to the working stiff at the expense of the businesses.

Then the businesses start to have problems and people vote conservative again. Ad nauseum.


States recieve federal monies to assit with operational cost. Maybe those states recieve less monies in their coffers and has nothing to do with the party in charge... This country has not been controlled by democrats in some time and is in worse economic shape than ever.

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