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Do you feel oppressed?

Please share with us your feelings of oppression.

I you do not ... great!!!


help me lol love your green hat


I do not feel oppressed. But, I am a lucky one! But, I have taken advantage of the opportunities available in my country (the US), and worked my butt off. That makes a difference.


Thank you, Boxermom


No. If I felt oppressed, that would mean that I am allowing someone else's opinions of me inside my own heart. Since I don't do that, I will never be oppressed. I think some people walk around saying that they are oppressed so that they can have a crutch, and not have to take responsibility for their own lives. Peace to You!


Thank you, Piscea


I agree with taking responsibility for themselves, but I feel that your definition of oppression is too limited, you must consider physical and other types of oppression, not just opinion-based.


Yes. I posted some questions about who was anti catholic , American , gay. The hatred was palpable. Those who would probably say they were anti antichrist are not anti anything else. There are always some who would die for my right to ask anything and more who just want me to die.


I hadn't seen your questions, so I went back to look. It would appear to some that you are bordering on asking "hate" type questions. I think if you are really interested in those issues, there are ways to ask without inciting anger in people. Review some of the related questions, or be a bit more objective. For example: instead of asking who is anti-gay. Asking how people feel about homosexuality and why might be better. Still a loaded question though, so expect some strong responses.


A few times in my life, but never by my government
I think that the times when I have felt oppressed, it was only ever possible because I, in some way, consented to the treatment that contributed to my feeling of oppression.
I think that it is interesting that you chose to ask if "you feel opressed, rather than to ask , are you oppressed.
Seems to me that much of todays "oppression" exists in the minds of people. They dwell upon it, and protest loudly about it, but take no constructive action to step beyond the "perceived" oppression in which they live.


Thank you, Willow.

You are very perceptive! :-)


I think with all the restrictions in every society, there will always be oppression. I personally feel it a little bit, because I think some of the nanny legislation today is heading toward an increasingly government-dependent population. We are on a slippery slope to socialism (a.k.a. ever-increasing oppression) and the average American doesn't realize it.


No way. I have many freedoms that people in other countries only dream of having.


Thank you, Blixa.

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