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Would you vote for the return of workhouses and debtors prisons?

If the worldwide recession bites hard, would a return to 19th century practices be cruel and inhuman or a practical solution?

No, I'd vote against that. Corporations are possessed of unprecedented power at this time. If given the rights to take liberty from real persons, the balance of power would become untenable. Make no mistake: if Citibank could put you in jail for a late payment, they would. Things like the Fair Debt Collection Act keep the balance. Before debtors prisons are returned, there would have to be a very strong push back against the rights and powers of corporations.


I wonder if those responsible for the collapse of Bear Stearns (US) and Northern Rock (UK) would be quick to call for such a vote were they themselves be forced into a debtors prison.


Sometimes I think that we in the West are going back to a Feudal System. No, I would not vote for such a thing, we have been loosing our right quickly enough the last few years. I'd rather not speed up the process....


I would like to see the Stocks brought back, a great way of practicing ones aim and a good use of rotten vegetables ;)


Well, I can see you're all for law and order....


Indeed, they served their purpose.

The same can be said of Orphanages.

Simplicity is the essence of genius. We need to reduce our tax burden, these would be excellent palaces to start.


Some of the Orphanages exposed in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the wall bring a whole new meaning to barbarity, kiddies in a cage someone once said of them, that would be a step in the wrong direction.


What tax burden. People in the States don't pay hardly anything. Of course, they don't get anything either for their money. So, I suppose it's a fair exchange...


Buy a clue, M, the United States has become among the most heavily taxed nations in the history of the world.

Part of that problem is due to the fact that we have more than half of our population receiving a government check (e.g. handout). What is even worse, is our progressive (Socialist) income tax structure has the bottom 50% of all taxpayers paying only 3.1% of the burden.

Moreover, in 2005, the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (59.7 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported one-third (35.7 percent) of income. Talk about punishing achievement!


Gillan, of course orphanages in Communist or "formerly" Communist nations will perpetuate inhumane conditions from their recent past. They simply don't know any better!

I do believe that most orphanages in the free world have been better than leaving innocent children in the hands of criminally irresponsible parents. Many products of orphanages can be counted among the most brilliant and wildly successful individuals of our day. Of course, this can never be said of any barbarous Communist regimes.


No we need to move forward with new ideas, nit backwards. If it was such a great idea, why did they stop? Exactly my point! The future has the answers for our problems.


No I wouldn't because I would probably end up in one. :)


Oh to see you in Bad Girls ;)


I would more likely vote for a gradual cesation of credit. Not just for the consumer but the government as well. Its time people were held accountable for their spending. I also think there should be a national lottery to aide in funding the government.


Funny you said a gradual cessation of credit, as the last 100% mortgage available in the UK was withdrawn yesterday.


Well, I am debt free. But some people have grown accustomed to using credit and must learn how to take fiscal responsibility. I don't want their children to suffer not having food or something because their parents haven't learned how to budget their money. And it will take a little time to learn for those who don't know.

Samuel Deva:

the recession(s) will never take this big of a bite out of humanity--- maybe, just maybe, this is one history lesson nobody will ever forget...


The trouble is that we never learn from our history.


We already have debtors prisons, if you don't pay your taxes the IRS puts you in jail.


They do that here, especially for evasion.


If they make money, they make competition, and do in the honest businesses, that should not be federally funded or subsidized.


Privitisation of the poor eh!

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