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Is China the first Capitalist dictatorship?

China has privatised most of their industry, housing reduced welfare in the attempt to become a world player on the economic field; it seems to have worked well for them, however they haven't changed their totalitarian stance nor introduced open elections. Is this the first time in history that dictatorial party rules a capitalist economy?

No they are not the first to do it. Basically, think about it, they are not the first communist country yet. They are the last superpower though.


Last Superpower? Do you mean the final superpower? Do you think they will overtake the US in this role?


I think that title would go to the old Yugoslavia when it was ruled by Josef Tito. Remember the Yugo?


Thats the reason they broke away from Russia.


The Nazis in Germany did the same thing I believe.


I think they are the first superpower that is


A tyranny is a tyranny is a tyranny, whether it calls itself democratic, socialist, communist, or secular....


true words

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