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Has the steady rise in gas prices been a bad or good thing?

Let me start out by saying that this is not a trick question. The steady rise in gas prices has definitely increased our daily costs of living. The side effect though has been a recent boom in R&D towards hybrid and other fuel efficient vehicles. Has the steady rise in gas prices than been a good or bad thing for our society as a whole? (economic and environmental)

I thought about this and I personally believe that the steady raise in gas is making people think about driving less and maybe saving for a new more environmental friendly car, But the scary thing is are market is going crazy one day is down the next it is back up! The only thing I worry about is the trucks with loads of food I just do not see a fuel efficient Semi-truck...


It is both. Bad economically, good environmentally, and perhaps will be for the good of general health. The price of everything from food to utilities is going up. Less driving of cars will cut air pollution and force us into smaller vehicles...which will ease our dependence on oil. And people may actually walk and ride bikes to get around, which would improve health.


Actually, it's probably the fact that more people have been talking about alternatives to fossil fuels that has upped the R&D. Previously, there wasn't a market for the products, but alternative fuel sources are an emerging market recently.


I think it's a good thing in a lot of ways. Who really needs to drive a Hummer?? If this spurs development of more ecofriendly forms of transportation and gets people thinking, then it's not all bad. But, I think the prices are really hurting those who were struggling to begin with. It's hard to work when you can't afford the gas to get there! Actually, it's to grocery store prices that are getting to me!

Texas Girl:

what in the world could be good about it?


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